All Discharge Documents including DD-214’s (preferably member copy, page 4) and NGB 22 and 23’s for National Guard members. (NGB Documents are the National Guard’s version of the DD-214 and enlistment contracts). all Reserve Retirement Point Statements for the periods in question.

Retirement points are accrued by members of the National Guard and Reserves. Members are required to perform one weekend of drill per month and two weeks of active-duty training per year, occasionally garnering more time on active duty if attending military training school or if they’re called for deployment.

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Once things are underway, lenders may be asking for a DD-214, a NGB-22 for National Guard members or a points statement and copy of discharge statement for Reservists. Here’s a closer look at some of the service-specific documents lenders may need: national guard: NGB-22 or NGB-23; Army Reserve: DARP Form FM 249-2E or ARPC Form 606-E

See: National Guard and Reserve Early Retirement Age. copies of your Leave and Earning Statements with your mobilization orders will suffice. PDF retirement points accounting system (Rpas) Information – One retirement point may be earned for each IDT attendance with a maximum of two retirement points per calendar day.

My Reserve Points Statement, Continued . Procedures, continued. Step Action 2 . The Reserve Points page will display with the following information: Total Qualifying Service Years – total number of qualified years accumulated towards retirement Career-To-Date Points – total number of points earned towards retirement Employee ‘s. Anniversary Year

Verifying Eligibility for a VA Home Loan.. Current National Guard or Reserve member who hasnever been Federal active service. Copy of your latest annual retirement points statement and.

A body pulled from the Inner Harbor at Fells Point in Baltimore. as the District of Columbia National Guard’s Airman of the Year for 2013, according to CBS Baltimore. The D.C. Air National Guard.

From 1986 until her retirement last. he began to worry that the National Guard Bureau might exercise its legal right to forgive improper payments, to avoid embarrassment and possible impact on.

IDT Point Limits: 1946 – 23 September 1996 60 24 September 1996 – 30 october 2000 75 31 October 2000 – 29 October 2007 90 30 October 2007 – Present 130 References: How to Read an Army.

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