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Buying a Foreclosure From the Bank. There are REO agents who specialize in foreclosure listings. It is more common to buy a foreclosure directly from the bank in a bulk sale purchase. In bulk sales, the banks will package a bunch of properties into one transaction and sell them all at once to one entity.

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Purchasing a foreclosure is similar to purchasing any other property except the bank is the owner. The bank normally does not respond to offers on weekends or evenings so sometimes you must wait for a response to your offer or counter-offer. The bank and the listing agent set the price. The price is usually reasonable but not very flexible.

Before the mortgage crisis of 2008-2009, buying a foreclosed home was a much more difficult proposition. Real estate bargain-hunters formerly had to follow auctions put on at courthouses or sift.

How to Buy Foreclosure Homes for Sale. You’re on the market for a new home when you think, "Why not a foreclosure?" Foreclosed homes are usually cheaper than traditional listings, and there will be plenty of inventory when the economy.

Buyers purchasing homes at auction are expected to pay the full amount on the day of the auction. If you are still living in your home at the time of the auction, the new buyer may choose to evict you or work out a rental agreement with you.

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Answers. Best Answer: Buying a foreclosed home is a bargain at times, it depends on what phase of the foreclosure you purchase the house. The phase you are speaking of is when the property owner did not bring the mortgage current and it did not sell at the auction, hence now called a REO (Real Estate On-hand.) Once all.

Understand the Foreclosure Process. If the foreclosed home doesn’t sell at auction, the lender takes possession of the property, at which time it becomes real estate owned (REO). The lender will attempt to sell REO properties by listing them for sale with a local real estate agent or at a liquidation auction.

How does buying a foreclosure work? When a home enters into foreclosure, it follows a highly-regulated process meant to either allow the current homeowners .