How Do New Construction Appraisals Work Perhaps the home is under construction or has been gutted for renovation. Believe it or not, there are still ways to get the appraisal done so your deal can close on time. As-Is Appraisal. An as-is appraisal is fairly common and just as it sounds, it’s an appraised market value for a home in its condition during the time of the appraisal.

Military Discharge Types A characterization of service, often called a "discharge," is assigned when a service member is separated from military service. A military discharge usually falls into one of six categories: Honorable Discharge General Discharge – Under Honorable Conditions Other Than honorable discharge bad Conduct Discharge Dishonorable Discharge Uncharacterized Discharge Any.

Today, most certificates show the "character of service" as either Honorable, General (Under Honorable Conditions), Other Than Honorable, Bad Conduct or Dishonorable. A change in the reason for your discharge is a change in the "narrative reason for separation" shown on your DD-214.

VA Loans and Other Than Honorable Discharges There are several different ways a military member can leave the service. One is to complete 20 years or more of service and apply for military retirement.

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Other Than Honorable Discharge If you were given an Other Than Honorable Discharge (formerly known as an Undesirable Discharge), you will not likely be eligible for any benefits, but the VA will determine on a case-by-case basis whether circumstances are such that you should be entitled to a certain benefit or class of benefits.

 · I have heard of people going from a Bad Conduct Discharge, or Other Then Honorable Discharge to a General Discharge but not an Honorable Discharge. Unfortunately in your case it might be even harder to get the BCD wiped away because the Navy Discharge Review Board does not look at cases over 15 years old.

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Discharges that are other-than-honorable, including a "general" discharge, are known as "bad paper" and can prevent veterans from receiving federal benefits, such as health care, disability.

Other Than Honorable Conditions Discharge. This characterization of service is referred to as an "Other Than Honorable" or "OTH" discharge. An OTH is the worst administrative discharge available. It results in a significant loss of military service benefits and may cause hardships in post-service, civilian life.

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